Dr. Gary Kirkwood, Sr.
“The Apostle of Faithonomics”

Dr. Kirkwood is an increasing personality, who lives with gratitude & expectation, “making better all who come around him. Faithonomics is, Actions integrated in harmony with beliefs and behavior for the sole purpose of economic gains.



Dr. Gary Kirkwood, Sr. is the Founder and President of Harvest Family World Outreach Ministries, Inc., which is the parent company for several ministries and businesses, organized by Dr. Kirkwood.

Kingdom Approach International Ministries provides the preaching and teaching ministry of Dr. Kirkwood. Gary Kirkwood International, administrates the Support and Success Team and finally Gary Kirkwood Enterprises, provides extensive assistance into Key Industries and Business Development projects.

Dr. Kirkwood’s Ministry Motto is – A Mission Driven Media Ministry.

Dr. Kirkwood’s Ministry Mission – Through the use of media, we have a MISSION to, go out and improve the world and to build a global ministry that is dedicated to improving the quality of living for all people.


MISSION: Our mission is building a multi-cultural global ministry, dedicated to improving the quality of life worldwide.

PURPOSE: Our purpose is creating products and services with like-minded people, who have obtained like precious faith and a common purpose. We live and we work in a prosperous environment that encourages productivity. We improve the service we render to our families, our church, our community, and ultimately our nation so that God is glorified through us.

VISION: Is becoming a global body of believers, tens of thousand of families committed to the Kingdom of God in the earth.

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